Hi There!

Hi There!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Monday

Its no secret I dig The Shins, as I featured them in a previous Music Monday. Well, their front man James Mercer and Danger Mouse's Brian Burton started a new project in 2009, and wow are they good.

They are the Broken Bells.

Here is an awesome song I can't get enough of:

Go check out their website too, its awesome. My 4 year-old son was freaking out. He said very excitedly, "I wanna hear the dance music!" and turned up the volume. :)

Happy Music Monday!



It's been quite awhile since I've blogged, but I wanted to pop in and say that I'm having my 2 year anniversary sale over at my Etsy shop!

Go check it out! I've got a lot of new items :)

Also, I recently purchased wethreetrees.com, so I should be moving this blog over there in the near future. Gotta get my hubby to help me with some html.

I'll be back with more posts soon, I miss blogging!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy little bee.

Sorry for the absence, I have been a very busy bee! I had my very first craft show last weekend, and it was fun but SO tiring. :) I will share more about that later.

I just wanted to pop in and share this video which is AWESOME! I love the Thermos song, from The Jerk, and my husband sings it to me quite a bit. This is a great "cover". Hope you are having a great weekend!

Also, wanted to share that the shop has some new items. Go check it out!

xo, Jenna