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Hi There!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night I made Year-Round Corn Chowder for the first time, from the recipe in Hands-Off Cooking. It's the third recipe I've made from this cookbook. It was really easy to make and yummy, but it was really thyme-y, is that a word? Haha. Next time I will use half of the thyme that it calls for. I should also add that I scored this book for $5 at Big Lots! So cool.

Anyway, I bought already-cooked bacon for the recipe.. And had some leftover today, so I knew I wanted to make a BLT. But I wanted it to be fancier. I read on allrecipes.com that some people make BLT's with avacado and I wanted to try that.. But with a variation.

So I made a BLACT. What is a BLACT, you ask? A Bacon, Lettuce, Avacado, Cheese, and Tomato sandwich! Phew, that's a mouthful. (A delicious one!)

Here's how I made it. I fried a couple slices of bacon for just a couple minutes in a pan, then took it out and let a paper towel soak up the extra fat. I put some butter on one slice of Italian bread, then stacked up provolone cheese, the bacon and sliced tomatoes on the other side of it. I then slathered it up with mayo, then put the other piece of bread on top. I added butter to the top slice. I grilled on both sides until golden-brown. Then I removed it from the pan, opened the sandwich, and added lettuce and avacado pieces.

And this is what it looked like:

I also had Kettle Brand barbeque chips- SO good. And a Roy Rogers to drink. :)


I'll probably have another one for lunch tomorrow. I don't mind eating the same things over and over. Do you?

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araisedbanner said...

All I can say is Y + U + M = BLACTs!!!