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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Finds

This edition of Friday Finds is inspired by my love of picnics! :) My Mom, brother and I used to go on picnics when I was younger. I always loved them. I'd love to go on one with my little family very soon.

these pretty paper straws would be so cute in glasses of lemonade!

no picnic would be complete without a granny square blanket! this one is beautiful.

when I think of a picnic, this vintage basket is exactly what comes to mind.

to me, any occasion is a perfect excuse for cupcakes. these look PERFECT!

Of course, there has to be lots of yummy food besides cupcakes. And friends or family to enjoy it with. These are just a few items that I think make a picnic special. Its the little things, right?

Added: I found a cute tutorial on prettying up a picnic basket on Rachel's blog. Go check it out! :)

Well I'm off to finish up an order of bunting pouches for a bride! :) So exciting. I also have to get ready for my first craft show next weekend. I'll post more about that in a few days.

Have a fantastic weekend!
xo, Jenna

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