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Hi There!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's the story, morning glory?

Remember that Oasis album? Brings back memories of being an awkward 14 year-old, listening to that album over and over in my bedroom. :)

However, this post is not about the band or the album at all.

It's about this:

This beauty decided to pop up this year, for some odd reason. Which is why I ask, what's the story? I planted morning glory seeds in our backyard by our shed 2 years ago, and they didn't grow. I was a little bummed, but sometimes things just don't grow, right? Well.. The other day me, B (my son) and I (my daughter) were playing in the backyard and I spotted them. Just a few beautiful morning glories! I thought for a moment that they were called stargazers. That would be completely appropriate, in my opinion. They are just gorgeous and I had to share.

Sometimes things bloom later than we expect. Even in life. :)

A good reminder for a new day.

Hope yours is great!
xo, Jenna

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