Hi There!

Hi There!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

So proud.

My dear sweet talented husband has teamed up
with a friend, and a few others, to launch:

From the website:
THREESIXTEES exists to connect people
who have a passion to turn the world around
with charities that already are.
And we do it with t-shirts.
Each shirt radically transforms someone's life.
It provides them with clean water.
More food.
Better health.
New shoes.
Fresh trees.
Or school books.
None of us can change the entire world by ourselves.
But each of us can change at least one person in it.
Whose life are you going to change today?

THREESIXTEES - Where heart meets sleeve.
My husband Barry has many designs featured on the tees.
Here are some I LOVE:

I'm so excited and proud!!
Happy Happy Sunday!

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