Hi There!

Hi There!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come on Spring

Sorry for the absence! Last weekend was my son's birthday and big birthday party, so I was busy planning it all. And then I got sick. I am still recovering, but wanted to pop in really quick to share some images that make me excited for spring to come!

Its been sunny. The snow has been melting and grass is starting to peek through.. And that makes me really happy. :)

all images found via weheartit

I can't wait to go outside with my kids and breathe in the fresh cool air. Take walks to the park, drive out to the lake, watch the sunsets on our front step, watch the trees in our neighborhood bloom. I love springtime and the fresh new beginning it brings.

Please come soon spring. I'm anxiously waiting for you.

P.S. Hope your Valentine's Day was great!

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