Hi There!

Hi There!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my morning coffee

Good morning. :) I had a good night's sleep, but still am a bit tired due to my daughter screaming the entire night before (she has an ear infection :(, poor baby). I think I got 2 hours of sleep that night.

I rarely have coffee or a lot of caffiene because I am nursing, and I really miss drinking coffee everyday. Today I think I need some extra energy, so I'm having one cup.

I'm really enjoying it and felt inspired to share some of my favorite caffinated items, drinkable or not! :)

This shirt is amazing! I wish it wasn't sold out.

This coffee is too good for words. You HAVE to try it if you haven't.

This print is so cute. I want it in my kitchen!

I love me some Pike Place! It's described as smooth and bold. Oh Yes. :)

I think I need one of these cozies. I love scooters, I love coffee. Perfect!

I don't use a coffee press, but if I had this one, I think I would!

I'm off to finish my coffee and play with the kiddos!

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

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Jan said...

My favorite coffee. Hmmmm....actually, I'm a bit of a coffee drinking wannabe or maybe just a downright wuss--take your pick. I love the Panera Frozen Mocha with all of my being. Don't know if you would consider that 'coffee' per se, but my, it is good. And I've spent enough on them to purchase a small island in the Southern Carribean, sadly enough.

It's all about priorities, my friend.